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What We Do

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Through Education

The current focus of Pragati Foundation is on following main programs:

1. School Transformation and Reform (STAR)

Under the STAR program, Pragati Foundation will provide support to upgrade infrastructure in selected schools in India that cater to children up to grade 8. The infrastructure may include items such as inverters, fans, blackboards, Durries, playground equipment, books for library, educational material/supplies, upgrade science labs, and sponsor field trips of educational value to students. The Foundation may also organize teachers training workshops. The Foundation may also get involved in ensuring that children can read, write, and do math at their grade level.  Other activities that may benefit overall character/personality development and health of students as determined by the Foundation may also be taken up. More

2. Sudha Opportunity Scholarship (SOS)

Under the Sudha Opportunity Scholarship [SOS] program, the Foundation will support educational expenses towards tuition and books for meritorious students from economically weaker families so that they can pursue their studies from grades 9 to 12 in quality schools. Once such students do well in Grade 12 exams, they have a better chance to compete for admission into engineering or medical colleges or other professions. On a case by case basis, scholarships for college/university education  and coaching expenses for exceptional students for preparation to entrance exams may also be provided. More

3. Children’s Health Improvement Program (CHIP)

Under the CHIP program, the Foundation will undertake efforts to monitor and improve health of school children who may likely to be malnourished. Foundation will organize health camps to monitor health of students, distribute vitamins, provide protein rich snacks, teach students habits of personal hygiene and involve them in maintaining overall sanitation and beautification of school and its surrounding. More

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