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What Have We Done?

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STAR: School Transformation & Reform

  • Even before setting up the Pragati Foundation, the team with the donations collected transformed Government Middle School at Behrampur, Gurugram, Haryana. The school was: Completely whitewashed and painted, 2 inverters were installed, 6 additional ceiling fans were installed, 8 steel cabinets – one in each classroom was provided, dust collecting desktop computer was made operational and a printer was provided, library now has tables and benches, 4-mobile blackboards and durries were provided where missing, Grade-1 classroom was renovated, 25-trees were planted in playground and playground equipment was provided. Worked with Escorts Agribusiness to provide stationary to 215 students for a year as its CSR initiative. In February 2018, all 8 blackboards and 2 notice boards were replaced since they had become so bad that students could not see what teachers wrote on them.

  • 50% of the funds were provided to Apna Skool in Kanpur for the purchase of E-Rickshaw to transport children of brick kiln workers to schools.

  • In February 2018, Provided to Red Birds School in Nankari Village adjacent to IIT Kanpur: 15 tables and benches for classrooms, 5 ceiling fans, instructional material, and 2 water purifiers. This school is an initiative by a group of socially conscious youths to provide meaningful pre-primary education to the children of poor families.

  • In March 2018, with the CSR funding of INR 4.2 Lakhs from Sahasra Electronics, Noida, Pragati Foundation in collaboration with  Vidya Gyan, another local NGO, government elementary schools in the villages of Khandlana and Dhoobar in the district of Saharanpur, UP, were provided: 115 sets of classroom tables and benches, 2 sets of inverters and battery, 10 ceiling fans, 1 projector with computer and speaker, 84 instructional charts, 4 Math kits, 4 globes, 1 white board, 4000 notebooks, 1 playground equipment with swing and slide, 2 steel and 1 wooden cabinets.

  • Donated 10 children's books to Athens Public Library


SOS: Sudha Opportunity Scholarships

  • One year educational expenses of a girl at Manisha Mandir, Lucknow  was supported

  • Educational expenses of 10 meritorious students at Apna Skool and 5 students of Opportunity School to study from 9-12 grades are supported.

  • Pragati Foundation will bear educational expenses of 5 high IQ children (IQ ranges 125-145+) selected by Mensa India, The High IQ Society, in Varanasi area so that they can attend top-schools in the region.

  • In July 2018, Pragati Foundation will sponsor 3 youths from the village of Sarai-Barla, Aligarh, UP to acquire employable skills at Tata Strive Skill Development Center in Aligarh, UP in the fields of (a) air conditioning and refrigeration operator, (b) solar PV installer, and (c) assistant electrician. Pragati Foundation would bear all costs such as fee, lodging, and boarding for 17 weeks training.


CHIP: Children's Health Improvement Program

Activities yet to be planned

What Have We Done: News & Updates
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